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For a multitool that is credit card-sized and can fit conveniently in your wallet, the Pocket Monkey by Zootility Tools is the perfect choice. Crafted of 1mm thick hardened stainless steel, this tool is lightweight and has 12 different functions. With no blade, it is also TSA-compliant--meaning you can carry it in your wallet on the airlines. It can be used as a bottle opener, flat-head, Phillips screwdriver or micro-screwdriver for eyeglasses. Multiple size cutouts enable it to be used as a hex wrench. One can insert a credit card into the built-in slot so it will act as a kickstand for your cell phone and you can wrap your headphone cord around it. Other functions include a letter opener, ruler, straightedge, orange peeler/banana nicker and even a door latch slip for when you lock your keys inside. This can work on some doors when the deadbolt isn't thrown and the door doesn't have special edging or latches.

For ultra-thin, lightweight multi-tools with surprising strength, you can purchase the Pocket Monkey by Zootility Tools at Elephant Trunk Stores in Tulsa, OK at Utica Square or the Plaza at 91st & Memorial. Elephant Trunk is Tulsa's oldest luggage store. Shop Elephant Trunk's website at for top quality luggage, travel accessories and gifts.

Elephant Truck Co. is Tulsa's source for Luxury Luggage.