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Voltage Valet

Voltage Valet, a division of Hybrinetics, Inc. is the traveler's choice for dual voltage travel appliances, foreign electricity converters and adaptors as well as other travel accessories and necessities. When traveling to exotic far-away lands, people like to take a few comforts of home with them. Hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers, radios and other small appliances make the journey more pleasant and connecting a laptop or tablet to stay in touch with home or office is an important part of modern travel.

North America uses 110/125 volt alternating current (AC) whereas most other countries use twice the voltage (220/225V). When you plug your small appliance into a foreign outlet without a converter, the motor would operate faster than designed to, resulting in damage or destruction of your item.
When traveling in other countries, people may have noticed electrical wall outlets are of a different shape or arrangement than those in the USA. An Adapter Plug is needed to be able to plug in your converter/transformer and appliances. Some appliances may be of dual voltage, which would not need a converter but many still need an adapter plug. These dual voltage appliances would be marked with a label reading 110V/250V and have a switch to choose the right voltage to use.

Elephant Trunk stores in Tulsa, OK at Utica Square or the Plaza at 91st & Memorial carry all the necessary voltage converters and adapter plugs for use in all foreign countries as well as luggage, gifts and travel accessories to make your journeys enjoyable. You can also shop online for Voltage Valet Electricity Converters and Adapters at

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