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Passport Cases

Travel ahead of the curve. At Elephant Trunk, Tulsa's oldest luggage store, we pride ourselves on carrying a great variety of luggage, gifts and travel accessories. Today's global travelers benefit by having passports handy, accessible and--most of all--with valuable identity information secure. All U.S. passports issued after October 2006, as well as many debit/credit cards and drivers licenses have RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that broadcast personal information 24/7. Anyone with a scanner could potentially read the personal data on your card or passport. Elephant Trunk carries an assortment of RFID-blocking Passport Cases made of fine quality leather, such as Dilana and Hartmann brands, or Travelon's durable leather or polyester cases. These book-style cases make it possible to not have to take your passport out of its case at security checkpoints. Elephant Trunk has 3 locations in Tulsa: Utica Square, The Plaza at 91st & Memorial or Hobo Joe's at The Mill on 71st Street. You can also shop online with us at for all your travel needs.

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